Full Employment Invest in Education One People, One Planet International Currency Increased Global Interconnectivity Fair Taxes for All World Peace Bill Of Rights Cheap International Transport

Full Employment

Raise minimum wage to $15 per hour
Lower average work week to base of 30 hours
Raise overtime pay to start at 180 hours per month

Invest in Education

Obtain 98% literacy rate worldwide.

One People, One Planet

90% renewable and sustainable energy worldwide.
90% recycling of all solid and liquid wastes worldwide.
90% recycling of all water worldwide.
90% reduction in farm, home and industrial use of dangerous chemicals.

International Currency

Develop a new international currency that is supported by real commodities within a new national and international banking system.

Increased Global Interconnectivity

Support the development of a new open international Internet.

Fair Taxes for All

Average tax rates of 15/5/5/5. (National/state/medical/retirement)
Corporate and Capital Gains tax rate 15%
Reduced Federal and State Budget.

World Peace

Zero nations at War.
Zero acts of terrorism.
Zero soldiers in a foreign land.

Bill Of Rights

Establish Bill of Rights for all individuals and protect women and children worldwide.

Cheap International Transport

Develop an international subterranean tube mass transit system that will encourage the development of 25,000 new cities along its path, offering jobs and homes to over five billion people by 2050.

The New Independent Party USA was started October 12, 2013 in response to the government shut down by the US Congress and the threat of a default on the national debt.  The general public responded with a call to “Throw them all out.”  The traditional two party system that had served the United States for so long had failed them and now citizens demanded a new and independent party that could do more.  

Core Values

We abide by these values and use them as our rubric for future policies.


Mission USA

Using these ideals the NIPUSA will strive to achieve a higher efficiency in US government.


Global Mission

Out global agenda which emphasizes our core value of one planet, one people


Action Plan

With these steps we plan to bring peace and prosperity across the globe.