Core Values

  1. We are one people on one planet.
  2. We are the stewards of this planet and must take responsibility for its environment,  ecology, all species of plants and animals and for the general welfare of all individuals  young or old.
  3. We must find ways to feed and provide clean water to every citizen on earth.
  4. We must find ways to provide learning opportunities and job skill training for all.
  5. We must find a way to provide health care and wellness opportunities for all.
  6. We must create businesses and job opportunities for all.
  7. We must provide for the security and safety of all communities and individuals.
  8. We must end the use of war and terrorism to settle international or national conflicts.
  9. We must reduce and eliminate weapons of mass destruction in every nation.
  10. We must develop international system of mass transportation to move people, products and ideas effectively  and efficiently around our planet.
  11. We must develop and support individual liberties, personal rights and fair justice for all.
  12. We must move to balance our planet as to the use of its resources, economics and space for all.
  13. We must protect religious freedom for everyone but maintain a separation of church and state in all  governments.
  14. We must move to end discrimination on the basis of sex, age, ethnic, religion or sexual preference worldwide.
  15. We must move to recognize that everyone is special in their own way and that people with physical and mental  disadvantages should have opportunities and rights worldwide.
  16. We must move to develop state, national and international laws for immigrants moving across borders seeking work and permanent residency to be treated as humans rather than criminals; while  maintaining border security for all nations.
  17. We must reach diplomatic agreement on all border disputes around the world.
  18. We must reach state and national agreement on allowing abortions through the second Tri-semester but protect the unborn child during the third term or last 90 days.
  19. We must reach state, national and international agreement on drug use, the manufacturing, processing, taxing and treatment for addiction of users.
  20. 20. We need to revise state, national and international laws for the end of capital punishment and life without parole       sentences.
  21. We must find ways to decrease the national and international economic disparity between the rich and the poor so that the people at the bottom are given a chance to increase their living standards through land ownership,  corporate ownership and higher wages.

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