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Please join us.  We need your volunteer help in every state doing everything from organizing to getting our challenge out. When you submit your registration form below to become a member please send a message to us at to confirm your registration.  Please write to us at anytime at the same address.


If you want a better government in the United States of America we ask you to invest in it. The New Independent Association is the non profit member organization that is our umbrella structure.    We can use your contribution today….for us to grow you need to invest your time, your energy and your money. If you are eligible to vote in the next US elections then you are eligible to donate.  All donations of $200 or more will be reported to Federal and State Election offices.  We encourage donations of $5 or $10 per month or whatever you can afford.  Thank you.
Send checks to :
New Independent Party USA
P.O. Box 143
Cambridge, Iowa USA 50046
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Become a member of the party now. Please fill out the form below to start the process. Also note that NIP Iowa does not share any personal information you provide to us.
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