Global Mission

  1. An average of $12,000 per person as Gross Average Income. (now $6,000)
  2. An average at death of  70 (now 45)
  3. Zero nations at war.
  4. Five percent reduction in weapons of mass destruction per year.
  5. Five percent reduction in the sale of arms to other countries per year.
  6. Zero incidents of terrorism.
  7. Zero loss of any species.
  8. Average earth temperature of 56 degrees. (now 58.1)
  9. Five percent reduction in carbon emissions per year.
  10. Zero number of children under five who die of malnutrition.
  11. Five percent reduction in murder cases per year.
  12. Five percent reduction in prison inmates per year.
  13. Obtain 98% literacy rate worldwide.
  14. Average growth in GNP of 2.5%.
  15. Average inflation rate of 1.5%.
  16. Average savings rate per person of 7.5%
  17. Average tax rates of 15/5/5/5. (National/state/medical/retirement)
  18. Five percent annual increase in international economic development.
  19. Elimination of veto power on United Nations Security Council.
  20. Establish Bill of Rights for all individuals and protect women and children worldwide.
  21. End human trafficking, slavery, and kidnappings worldwide.
  22. Develop one new international currency that does not fluxuate.
  23. Develop one new international language.
  24. Move to accepting the metric system of measurement worldwide.
  25. Develop an international subterranean tube mass transit system.
  26. Support the development of a new open international Internet.
  27. 90% renewable and sustainable energy worldwide.
  28. 90% recycling of all solid and liquid wastes worldwide.
  29. 90% recycling of all water worldwide.
  30. 90% reduction in farm, home and industrial use of dangerous chemicals.

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