Mission USA

1.       Run the US government with balanced budgets

2.       Pay down the national debt and keep it down.

3.       Reduce the size of the national and state governments and their expenditures.

4.       Reduce the influence of special interest groups and their special legislation.

5.       Balance the nation’s economics to keep it from going up and down.

6.       Reform the federal taxes to be fair to all individuals and corporations.

7.       Maintain national security but discontinue being the world’s policeman.

8.       Restore individual rights of privacy and free speech.

9.       End the ideology of exceptionalism worldwide and to become a partner in the world.

10.     Encourage worldwide economic growth and workfare rather than welfare at home.

11.      Foster a government that can work through consensus and cooperation, not conflict.

12.      Maintain separation of church and state to develop consensus on social issues.

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  • Hello, i love the ideas here. It is good to see a grass roots movement that doesn’t have the name Koch attached to it. Keep up the good job. the website itself is very fluid and runs smoothly.

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